Coming from a background in theatre and fine art, it was by chance on an experimental 16mm film course, that I discovered my true vocation of cinematography. Finishing this course and then going on to study at degree level. 

I swiftly decided lighting was the path to further my knowledge of the craft of cinematography. Working up through the ranks of the lighting department. 

I became a gaffer fortunate to gain pedigree experience, working for some of the worlds top cinematographers in the industry today. A huge education in itself. 

Able to bring solutions and creativity to any lighting/camera setup in telling the story. Be it on the top of a glacier or out on the rough seas. From the streets of busy metropolis, to the confines of a studio, or simply at the product table top.

During these years, I moved on to shooting second unit and camera operating and now work as a cinematographer in my own right. I am capable and experienced in shooting on digital and film formats.

Today, as well as the day job as DoP. I also tutor cinematography and photography.